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"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." ~ Andre Simone

Life is about what you enjoy and the journey you travel!  My passion is about making something that everyone enjoys for all of life's journeys!

In 2007, I had a life changing experience, when I finally left the "desk" and corporate life, to experience my journey to its fullest.  With many experiences and inspirations that I have gained from traveling around the world, I followed my heart and returned to school.  This time, it was in Viticulture and Enology.  After acquiring an Associates of Applied Science from Southern Oregon Wine Institute, I had the opportunity to work in both the vineyard and the winery.  With that experience, I developed the desire to make exceptional wine that everyone would enjoy.

Having worked in both the vineyard and the winery, I do try to walk the rows regularly, but my heart has landed in the winery.  Crafting wine has become a passion of mine.  From the beginning, when the grapes are selected to the final process of bottling.  Wine making is fun and exciting!  Its hard work with a reward!  My goals are to make boutique quantities of select varieties with exceptional quality.  Taste the experience yourself!  Cheers!



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Tasting Wine

Tasting wine is all about experience.  Whether it is technical or for pleasure, make it memorable!

Tasting wine is all about the experience.  Whether it is technical and formal or for pleasure and recreation.  Take your time.  Savor the layers of elements that have developed in each sip.  Identify with something special in the wine ~ a fruit flavor, an acid component, a metallic sensation. Whatever it may be for you and that wine.  But most of all, remember this when tasting wine... Enjoy the moment!  Laugh out loud!  Appreciate it!  Spend time with friends!  Eat good food!



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